1-Year Industry Report

This Industry is comprised of
  • Architectural coatings (i.e., paint) manufacturing
  • Calcimines manufacturing
  • Dispersions, pigment, manufacturing
  • Dopes, paint, and laquer, manufacturing
  • Driers, paint and varnish, manufacturing
  • Enamel paints manufacturing
  • Epoxy coatings made from purchased resins
  • Fillers, wood (e.g., dry, liquid, paste), manufacturing
  • Frit manufacturing
  • Glaziers' putty manufacturing
  • Industrial product finishes and coatings (i.e., paint) manufacturing
  • Lacquers manufacturing
  • Latex paint (i.e., water based) manufacturing
  • Marine paints manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle paints manufacturing
  • Paint and varnish removers manufacturing
  • Paint thinner and reducer preparations manufacturing
  • Paintbrush cleaners manufacturing
  • Paints (except artist's) manufacturing
  • Paints, emulsion (i.e., latex paint), manufacturing
  • Paints, oil and alkyd vehicle, manufacturing
  • Plastic wood fillers manufacturing
  • Plastisol coating compounds manufacturing
  • Polyurethane coatings manufacturing
  • Powder coatings manufacturing
  • Primers, paint, manufacturing
  • Shellac manufacturing
  • Stains (except biological) manufacturing
  • Varnishes manufacturing
  • Water repellant coatings for wood, concrete and masonry manufacturing
  • Wood fillers manufacturing
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Percentile Rank among all Industries: 16%
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Percentile Rank among all Industries: 96%
Indicator Of The Week Total Liabilities To Net Worth = 101.75 %