What does the name FINTEL stand for?
Financial Intelligence
How do I access FINTEL tools
Access to FINTEL Business Scorecard is free and immediate, while FINTEL Industry Metrics reports can be purchased using a credit card or PayPal for immediate access. If you are interested in using any of our other tools, please contact us for the pricing information and access instructions.
Do I have to be computer-savvy to use the FINTEL software?
Many users have found the FINTEL software to be very user-friendly. The program features an intuitive interface that makes it possible to enter all firm information within minutes. FINTEL software also has built-in context-sensitive help features that will walk you through the program's screen and provide user guidance.
Do I need to be proficient in accounting and finance to be able to use and understand FINTEL tools?
While we strive to make our tools as intuitive as possible, basic understanding of accounting concepts is needed to derive the most value from our tools. This applies especially to the Professional and Enterprise editions of the FINTEL system.
What type of Internet connection do I need to be able to run FINTEL tools?
We recommend a high-speed connection, such as DSL or cable modem. You are welcome to try a slower connection, but it will require more time to accomplish the tasks.
What is the source of your data and how is it different from other datasets?
Our data is drawn from the Kauffman Financial Statement Database as well as from some other sources that we can not reveal in accordance with our license agreements. For more information on what sets our data apart, please see Why FINTEL Data is More Reliable.
What are the technical requirements to run FINTEL tools?
Recommended System Requirements
- IBM-compatible 1 GHz computer with 256MB RAM
- Windows 2000, XP or Vista
- High-speed Internet connection, such as DSL, cable modem, or T1.
Minimum System Requirements
- IBM-compatible 450 MHz computer with 128MB RAM
- Windows 2000
- Internet connection
- Internet Explorer 6 or one of the latest Mozilla based browsers
- 800x600 screen resolution
- Adobe Acrobat or a pdf plug-in such as PrimoPDF to save output in an electronic format
 Note: Our tools have not been extensively tested on or optimized for Apple-based systems, but their use has been reported to be possible.

How secure is the information entered into the FINTEL applications?
We rely on advanced, industry-recognized security safeguards to keep all of your financial data private and protected. Our tools are secured through the GeoTrust SSL Certificate. As the world's second largest Certificate Authority, GeoTrust provides the highest assurance of trust. GeoTrust maintains compliance with WebTrust, a comprehensive third-party auditing process which signifies that GeoTrust meets the highest standards for issuing and managing digital certificates. In addition, we follow a strict set of guidelines and practices to protect all of your private information. We do not sell, rent, or share your information with third parties for their promotional or any other type of use.
How old is the data being used?
The data within our products is aggregated based on the financial statements collected over the past year. If you are looking for older data, please contact us directly.
Can I obtain data from prior years?
Yes, industry data is available for past years. Please contact us with your specific interests.
How often is the data being updated?
Datasets are updated annually.
Can I obtain information for a specific company or companies in the sample?
No, this type of data is not available in accordance with the proprietary nature of the data set.
Do you use the information entered by your customers in calculating benchmarks?
No, unless it is specifically requested by Enterprise level customers, the user input is not used by us for any purpose, including to construct the benchmarking datasets. We believe that not only does this type of use raise confidentiality concerns but it also tends to reduce the reliability of the resulting datasets.

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