Training & Seminar Concepts


From quick overviews to in-depth instructor-led training sessions, FINTEL helps you to get the most out of our tools.

FINTEL offers a broad learning program that includes easy access, self-paced online learning materials, interactive instructor-led options and online library materials for self-study.

For your individual learning behavior, FINTEL offers various types of learning; choose from the different concepts that best match you preferences.

Please, choose from the options that fit your needs and the needs of your organization best.

Live Learning Sessions (web-based online)

Instructor-led courses provide optimal learning conditions for the subject matter and feature extensive student-teacher interaction. You can register with us for any of the upcoming general instructor-led online learning sessions or book a dedicated session. Choose from the various seminars that cover topics from end-user basics to sessions geared toward special interest users and administrators.

General Instructor-Led Live Learning Sessions

These are sessions with a defined topic that can be attended by people from different organizations and from individuals that sign up with us.

Discounts are available for customers interested in taking several courses. Please contact us with your individual request.

Dedicated Sessions

These are tailored private learning sessions designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. Training is based on a general topic but the agenda can be customized to your specific FINTEL usage. Online training enables the end-users and administrators to quickly get up to speed on FINTEL, and is ideal for customers with multiple office locations. For pricing and details about dedicated learning sessions, please contact us directly.

Please note, to use our web-based trainings, you must have purchased a FINTEL license or subscription. A Windows or Mac computer with high-speed Internet access is required for learning sessions.

Recorded Learning Sessions (web-based online)

If you learn best independently, recorded instructor-led courses provide a simple and effective way for you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. These sessions are also perfect for people that can not be present at any of the scheduled sessions or do not want to interact directly but are still interested in an instructor taught seminar. We ask you to register with us to listen to any of the recorded seminars.

Dedicated On-site Classroom Sessions

If you do not have a fast Internet Connection or prefer to have an instructor present directly to a group in a classroom setting, FINTEL offers on-site trainings in either a presentation format, where participants listen to presenter and our expert trainer will present the system or in a lab format, where the instructor demonstrates the system and each participant can try it immediately on his lab-PC. With this combination of lectures, application demonstrations and extensive hands-on lab exercises, you can practice what you are learning and exchange ideas with peers. On-site training in a classroom setting offers end-users a hands-on interactive learning environment and can be aligned with company events. For pricing and details about on-site training, please contact us directly.

Train-the-Trainer Program

Usually done as dedicated on-site training or at our location, FINTEL's Train-the-Trainer program educates key-users or trainers on FINTEL to successfully develop and deliver FINTEL training to end-users in your organization. Expert instructors provide key product knowledge, best practices and proven tips and tricks on advanced topics using a combination of lectures, application demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. For pricing and details about the train-the-trainer program, please contact us directly.

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