Data Analysis & Management Services

FINTEL, along with its research partners, is already a trusted name in the custom research field, having provided proven data and/or analytical solutions to various corporate and public organizations such as the Small Business Administration, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, the Brookings Institution, the Wisconsin Technology Council, and many others.

FINTEL's origin lies in quantitative data analysis, especially in mining/extraction, modeling, transformation, and simulation of financial data.

While we perform these activities on proprietary datasets with which we power our tools, we also provide these data analysis and data management services to clients using their or third party datasets. While working with your data, we ensure absolute confidentiality.

If you have data analysis and management needs and look for a comprehensive solution, we have the right experts with mathematical and statistical as well as programming background to fulfill your needs.

Fintel can provide services in the areas of:

  • Statistical analysis of large economic, entrepreneurial, and high-tech datasets
  • Development of regional economic, entrepreneurial, rural, and or high-tech analysis for municipal, state, and federal institutions
  • Creation of custom datasets for specific needs such as franchise systems
  • Cleansing and analysis of survey results
  • Assisting in public policy analysis

To learn more about our custom data analysis and data management services, please contact us.

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