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Are you looking for additional support in assessing, improving or valuing a business? The Fintel team is available to help you apply the FINTEL tools in your business and to implement the proposed solutions to make lasting and substantial improvements to your company.

FINTEL offers a range of business advisory services for financial performance improvement, assessment and valuation. We develop programs tailored to your specific situation that are based on an initial analysis using our tools, interviews and other analysis methods. We provide our services in cooperation with a network of partners.

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Business Advisory / Coaching / Consulting

If you have used our tools and are not satisfied with the results they display for your business, or you look for some professional help for assessing and improving the performance of your business, then our experts and network of partners could make the difference you seek. We strive to deliver comprehensive analysis and creative and practical solutions. To us, consulting is primarily about your business success. We help business owners and decision makers to understand their business better and to make better decisions. We are confident that once the solutions proposed by our tools and experts have been implemented, we will have added exceptional value to our customers.

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Valuing a business

Business valuation is not as straightforward as it may seem. It is not a perfect science, meaning the one and only correct formula for valuing a business does not exist. Nevertheless, we have found in various cases that applying the different valuation methods used in FINTEL's tools provides a fairly accurate value of the actual price that businesses have been sold for in the past.

In many situations, however, only calculating the numbers is not enough. In order to make the right investment decisions, you might look for somebody who can add more detail than just the plain numbers. Whether you want to value your company for internal purposes or think about buying or selling a business and need to do a commercial due diligence, the FINTEL team together with its network of partners offers comprehensive support for business valuation.

To learn more about our approach and how we can assist you, please contact us.

Creating a business plan

You are an expert in your field (e.g. a university professor with a business idea) or even have already a product you want to sell. What keeps you from doing it is the lack of business and financial know-how to compile a convincing business plan for investors or to start and run your idea as a business. Having started out of the University of Wisconsin, we have seen many ideas growing from the lab to commercialization. We have supported several of them in writing their business plan, securing the necessary funding and getting the business up and running. While you are the expert in your field, we can fill in the blanks with our business and financial experience. And since we have access to financial profiles of all industries, we can develop business plans that put you in the upper quartile of your competitors and evaluate the competitiveness of your business plans in comparison to industry peers.

To learn more about our approach and how our business plan experts can assist you, please contact us.

Benchmarking & Accessing Business Performance

Would you like to know how your business or a client's business or business unit performs based on all relevant financial key performance indicators? Would you like to see how that performance compares to other competitors in your industry even if they are privately held companies that do not publicly disclose any financial information? How about a multifactor analysis of your business that also provides expert assessment and what-if financial simulation?

If you prefer this type of an integrated analysis, our team will be able to provide meaningful answers to the questions above. To learn more about our approach and how we conduct business audits, please contact us.

Crisis situations

Dropping sales, internal conflicts, disagreement with investors; these are just few of the reasons why a company might experience a crisis situation. If this situation triggers liquidity problems, insolvency may follow unless early corrective actions are taken. In those situations tight financial control and dependable financial restructuring are the foundation for saving a company and returning it to financial stability. Balance sheet restructuring and optimizing selected balance-sheet items such as working capital are some of the actions our team, together with leading partners, would propose and help implement. Based on our tools and our experience, we know how leading companies operate and what it takes to get back on track. To learn more about our approach and how we have worked with other businesses in difficult situations, please contact us.

Working Capital Management

Our company's founder Prof. Robert W. Pricer has worked with many businesses in his life. Based on that experience, he has developed a concept called Net Balance Position (NBP). NBP tells us how much cash a company has to finance its growth apart from normal operation. Empirical testing of the concept of NBP has demonstrated that it is a vastly more effective indicator of the company's liquidity situation than traditional liquidity ratios. In fact, it has been shown to be one of the most powerful indicators of a company's financial success or failure.

Building on this idea, at FINTEL we have developed a methodology that can be followed to free up cash reserves inside a business, mainly from non-cash current assets and accounts payable, to finance growth. Among others, the methodology focuses on changing a company's business processes (for instance in purchasing to reduce the capital tied up in inventory).

The FINTEL team together with its network of partners offers comprehensive support for analyzing and reducing your company's working capital to improve NBP and prepare for growth. To learn more about our approach and how we can assist you, please contact us.

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