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For easy comparison, we have listed all current Business Scorecard and Business Analyzer Editions side-by-side with their respective features.

If you would like to discuss the best suitable Edition for you and your organization, please contact us and we will be happy to elaborate on the different solutions.

Business Scorecard  
(Free /Premium)
Analyzer (Professional)
Analyzer (Enterprise)
Online System – no separate software or hardware required yes yes yes
Absolute privacy and security of your data – no use by FINTEL or anyone else yes yes yes
Store data on our server and access/change later yes yes yes
Number of common financial ratios included in analysis 3 / 9 15 15+
Number of statements for analysis 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of different industry groups available for analysis >2,500 >2,500 >2,500
Time required to input data (initial fill of system) 10 min 20 min Depends on configuration
Directly presentable output for management presentations yes yes yes
Full range of industry values and performance comments provided for each analyzed ratio yes yes yes
Common-size financial statements displayed no yes yes
Detailed liquidity analysis no yes yes
Detailed profitability analysis no yes yes
Detailed sustainable growth analysis no yes yes
Interactive features to enable financial modeling no yes yes
Side-by-side comparison of financial statements (spreading tool) no yes yes
Valuation Analysis Module no Optional Optional
Loan Risk Evaluation and Pricing Module no Optional Optional
Liquidity Projection and Pro-Forma Statement Creation Module no Optional Optional
Square Footage Efficiency Analysis tool with geographic regionalization no Optional Optional
Custom data input enabled (to be included for benchmarking) no no Optional
Group administration capabilities no no Optional
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