Here we have summarized some references from others about FINTEL and our products.

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"I was working with a new client who is preparing to launch an auto repair business. It was only our second visit together and I have been helping him draft a business plan and putting together a pro forma budget model for him. I decided to plug the pro forma budget model into FINTEL to see how our assumptions compared to existing auto repair businesses of the same size, and we were both pleased to see that our assumptions were right on as compared to existing businesses of the same size. This made my client feel much more confident that he could indeed move forward with the launch as scheduled and I believe that the FINTEL tool was the "proof in the pudding" that he needed to start feeling like his dream was going to become a reality. Thanks FINTEL!"
Randy Nowell (President, Success Coaching & Business Development)
"I continue to be amazed at the capability of these tools."

"The Fintel analyses and reports have been instrumental in getting our last three clients to come on board and have brought a level of credibility to our own JumpStart Business Development Business Plan that has astonished us and the people of influence that we have shared it with."
Paul L. Cole (President, JumpStart Business Development)

"The board and management were more then impressed with the data! I can't overstate the value of my taking that call from pro|business coaches. It turned out that Fintel tools provided the most highly competitive and strategic information SuperFlow has ever had. The board and management decisions coming out of that session were tremendously well informed! I felt like a hero."
Bill Pearce (Controller, SuperFlow Technologies Group)
"These are the most effective tools in the market to help my clients evaluate their business."
Tom Noteboom (Business Coach, Pro/business Coaches)
"First Research evaluated a number of companies to provide financial information for our reports. FINTEL's leading industry database featuring benchmarking information on 900,000 plus companies' spanning over 900 industries classified by both NAICS or SIC codes made our decision to partner with Fintel an easy one. Fintel is fast becoming an industry leader in the financial benchmarking and credit scoring businesses helping banks, consultants, and other organizations improve their loan portfolios and businesses. We look forward to our continued partnership with Fintel."
Tyler Rullman (Vice President of Development, First Research, Raleigh, NC)
"FINTEL is a leading provider of quality benchmarking data, which, based on our research, is unrivaled in the breadth and integrity. Combined with such features as incredibly powerful analyses covering the full range of business financial performance, including profitability, liquidity and growth, along with intuitive commentary and high usability inherent in its products, FINTEL makes an ideal partner for PBCA. Our members are proud to offer this amazing benefit to their coaching clients."
John Deagan (President, Professional Business Coaches Alliance)
"Fintel is a tool that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary in Financial Consulting. An easy to use tool that provides valuable and accurate business benchmarking information about a specific client's business and financial picture. This tool assists in facilitating a productive conversation between both professionals and businesses owners that is reflected in meaningful language to the owner. If you are a business consultant and do not use this tool, you are not giving your clients the best solution."
Stephanie Barganz (Partner, Bodilly CPA's)
"A networking partner of mine is a CPA and one of his clients is a Title company. We used the Title company as a 'test' subject so the CPA could get a better sense of how Fintel worked and what was possible and as it turned out, the Fintel report was able to put numbers to an issue that the CPA had been trying to work out with his client for a while and ultimately convinced the client to take action because of the report."
Shawn Kinkade (President, Aspire Business Development)
"Benchmarking helps you compare your business to other businesses that are similar to yours and can highlight areas where you excel or need improvement. The business information specialists at the James J. Hill Reference Library in St. Paul, Minnesota—one of the nation's most comprehensive business libraries—have named the five sites below (including FINTEL Business Scorecard) as the best online resources for benchmarking your business. To find more free business research tools, visit biztoolkit.org."
Entrepreneur Magazine
"I have 14 years experience dealing with asset-based loans, substandard credits and higher risk government guaranteed loans. Because the FINTELOnline product provides the greatest accuracy in industry benchmarking information. I can make more credible recommendations to the lenders who finance my projects.With this precise information and the aspects of Fintel that are not available in other credit analysis programs on the market today, there is nothing better to help lenders understand what measures have the most impact on the short and long-term liquidity and profitability of the businesses they finance!"
Mike Slater (President, Business Loan Services Inc, Clive, IA)

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