FINTEL History

FINTEL LLC is a Madison, WI based privately held company. The timeline highlights major events from the first research projects at the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Business until today.


FINTEL establishes partnership with California based WebKPI to be able to offer new value-added tools and features to its clients including financial dash-boarding solutions and automatic Quick Books™ import capability. The company launches a new user friendly website.


FINTEL forms new partnerships that include Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA).


The company develops a new product labeled FINTEL Industry Metrics that offers unique and powerful insights into the financial profiles and performance of privately-held companies.

FINTEL forms new partnerships that include Raleigh, NC based First Research.


FINTEL continues to enhance its Web-enabled benchmarking application by incorporating an array of innovative analytical tools, integrating new data sources and improving its data treatment methodology. The company continues to participate in various research projects in the course of which new powerful analytical techniques for data management, industry clustering and financial and regional economic analysis are developed.


FINTEL adds the Valuation module to its benchmarking system and completes the transition of all desktop application modules to the Internet. After a large study testing Robert Pricer's Loan Repayment Prediction Model and establishing its superiority to other credit evaluation techniques used by commercial lenders, FINTEL develops a Loan Risk Analysis and Pricing module along with other business credit underwriting tools.


FINTEL develops additional analytical modules for its benchmarking system, including Liquidity, Profitability and Sustainable Growth analysis. Furthermore, the desktop application is transferred to the Internet. FINTEL also continues to work with dozens of academic researchers providing them with data and assisting with their analyses. Among the company's research clients and partners are the Small Business Administration, the Brookings Institution, Advanced Research Technologies Inc., the Initiative for Competitive Inner City and many others.


FINTEL develops a desktop based benchmarking application and develops a series of training seminars for business owners and managers and business advisers.


The Kauffman Foundation decides to transfer a scaled-down version of the benchmarking system developed by FINTEL to the Internet. The new Web-enabled service dubbed BusinessEKG is launched and over the next six years attracts millions of visitors and is recommended by various organizations including the Small Business Administration and the Brookings Institution as the primary source of benchmarking information available to business owners and managers.


The Kauffman Foundation works with Dr. Pricer and Boris to extend the developed methodology to all the financial data in its possession, to be able to offer it to academic researchers around the country. At the request of the Foundation, Dr. Pricer and Boris develop a prototype of a benchmarking application to enable business owners and managers to analyze their companies' financial performance and compare them to their industry peers. FINTEL, LLC is formed.

1999 and before

In cooperation with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Dr. Robert W. Pricer works with Boris Nenide to analyze the largest proprietary database of financial information of privately held companies in the United States. They first develop methods intended to remove errors from large datasets to prepare the data for rigorous statistical research. Next, they use the data to develop various analytics using analytical tools of financial management developed by Dr. Pricer throughout decades of consulting for small and medium-sized businesses and of teaching entrepreneurship and financial management.

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